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Trainee Placement Scheme

Trainee Counsellors and Psychotherapists: we are currently organising 1st and 2nd Interviews for our Trainee Placement Scheme for trainees at Diploma Level or above in GP surgeries in Somerset, Wiltshire and Devon

In a nutshell...

It is estimated that 1 in 3 GP appointments involve emotional distress and mental health issues.  There is an alarming increase in unhappiness and self harm, particularly in young people. The Counsellors' Collective is working to help with the challenges facing Primary Care and the increasing pressure on services, particularly mental health services.

One way we are doing this is through our Trainee Placement Scheme.  By matching the best emerging counsellors with the most visionary GP surgeries we believe we have a Scheme through which everyone benefits.

First of all, what does the Counsellors' Collective do?


 that GPs can be confident that they are referring their patients to people who are adequately trained and supervised. This is very different from signposting them to an organisation.


What about the trainees



And the Host Surgeries 

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We are continually re-evaluating our Trainee Scheme and it is always a 'work in progress' which reflects the ongoing nature of therapist development and the personal journey we are all on... patient, counsellor, doctor, nurse, health service..

Our selection process is rigorous, and our support for our trainees and host surgeries as consistent and robust as we can make it.

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